2015 RamNation Pigskin Pick Contest Recap

pigskincontestlogoPeanuts the Bulldog wins the title going away!
Camdigity wins the final week of the season

12/7/15– Now that’s going out with a bang! In a dogfight over the final few weeks of the season, Peanuts the Bulldog closed with a week-winning 12 last week and followed it up with 11 correct picks in this final week to coast to the 2015 Rams Book Store Pigskin Pick’em Contest Championship. He finished with 101 Contest Wins (factoring in omitting each contestant’s worst two weeks) besting the next-closest challenger by four games. He had 114 total wins on the season, good for a 58.5% winning percentage — a very solid score, which ranks as fifth best all time amongst winners (although there have been a few other non-champs who have had slightly better winning percentages, like BoomBoomRam who scored a 60% during his runner-up season in 2010). For Peanuts’ extraordinary efforts, he earns a $100 store credit to Rams Book Store (please email us to arrange redeeming your prize). Congrats, Peanuts!

Before we continue with the rest of the season-long contest recap, let’s first acknowledge Camdigity, who won the week with 12 wins. It’s been a rough year for Camdigity, who has only been above .500 in 5 of the 13 weeks, but saved his best for last. For his performance, he earns a store credit to Rams Book Store (Please email us to arrange collecting your prize.)

As for the second- and third-place finishers for the season, CSpringsRam and RAM Texas came into the week tied for second place…and it was CSpringsRam who came out ahead thanks to 8 wins vs. RAM Texas’ 7 in the final Week 13. CSpringsRam finished with 97 contest wins on the season to earn a $50 store credit to Rams Book Store, while RAM Texas finished at 96 and earns the $25 store credit. (Please email us to arrange collecting your prize.)

The top-15 finished like this:

1. Peanuts the Bulldog
2. CSpringsRam
3. RAM Texas
t4. Ramborguesa and UNDERDOG
6. cervidlover
7. txRam
8. Stalwart Ram
9. CSU_Rams_Rule
10. Big Horned Sheep and drzram
t12. Q.Ram and BuffRamMom
t14. desert ram and Bcong

Unfortunately, it would have taken an extraordinary effort from the field this week to reach the .500 mark for the season. Despite the 50.5% winning percentage this week, we recorded the fourth-worst winning percentage in contest history, ahead of only 2001 (48.8%), 2005 (48.3%), and 2002 (45.8%). The best-ever season was 51.3% in 2010.

It was a bit of a rocky season for the contest administrators, as we had a technical glitch force us to void a week and a couple other corrections that had to be made throughout the season. We apologize, but hope you enjoyed the contest. Stay tuned for the Bowl Pick’em Contest in the next couple weeks, which should be a lot of fun as there are a record 40 bowl games this season!

Thanks to everyone for playing, and please join me in thanking Rams Book Store for their 15th year of sponsorship to this contest. When you’re in need of CSU memorabilia, gear, or school books, Rams Book Store should be your first choice! –Joel Cantalamessa <br>(Good SHEPHERD)