2016 RamNation March Madness Contest Sponsored by Rams Book Store

RamNation March Madness Contest sponsored by Rams Book StoreWelcome to the 2016 March Madness Contest, sponsored by Rams Book Store!

Congrats to our champ, Oswego ram!

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4/5/16–Congratulations to our three winners of the 2016 RamNation March Madness Contest sponsored by Rams Book Store.

  1. Oswego ram
  2. Pau2000
  3. Yoderram

All three of the winners had Villanova winning the National Championship, but Oswego ram blew away the field with 144 points thanks to having the most accurate bracket in the contest. He had only two of the Final Four teams corrrect, but had the two correct teams in the Championship game. For Oswego’s great performance, he earns the $100 store credit to Rams Book Store.

Pau2000 also had Villanova over North Carolina in the Championship game and finished with 133 points. He earns the $50 store credit to Rams Book Store. Yoderram had three of the four Final Four teams correct, but one of those was Michigan State, who lost to Syracuse in the second round. The rest of his bracket was solid enough to surge to third place, and earn the $25 store credit to Rams Book Store. Please contact us to arrange collecting your prize!

Thanks to all of you for playing, and please join me in thanking our sponsor, Rams Book Store for providing the prizes to the contest. When you’re in the market for new CSU gear, please visit Rams Book Store, whose 16-year sponsorship to this contest and RamNation.com has made this all possible. Thank you!


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2015’s Results

Zjb58 wins the title!

Congratulations to our three winners in the RamNation March Madness Contest, sponsored by Rams Book Store. Zjb58 won the title as Duke won the National Championship Monday night. His bracket featured six correct Elite 8 teams and needed Duke to win Monday to secure first place with 127 points. For his efforts, he wins a $100 store credit to Rams Book Store.

Rock n Ram finished in second place, just one point out of first place with 126 points. He too had correctly projected Duke to win in the title game. For his efforts, he earns a $50 store credit to Rams Book Store.

Taking third place was Hot In Cleveland, who wasn’t quite as solid in the early rounds but correctly projected seven of the eight Elite 8 teams and all four Final Four teams. He finished with 123 points. He earns a $25 store credit to Rams Book Store.

To arrange collecting your prize, please email us.

The biggest loser in Monday night’s championship game was Oswego ram, who would have won it all had Wisconsin held on to win the game. He had projected the Badgers to win it all. Instead, he fell to fourth place and out of the prizes.

The full Top 10 went like this:

1. Zjb58 (127 points)
2. Rock n Ram (126)
3. Hot In Cleveland (123)
4. Oswego ram (122)
5. Ramborguesa (118)
6. lvgolfer02 (114)
7. TDElvis has left the building (113)
t8. Good SHEPHERD (109)
t8. cooter (109)
10. Battering-Ram1 (106)

Click the “Contest Home Page” link to see the full results and how you fared.

Thank you all for participating. We once again thank for the 12th straight year thank Scott Gygi for allowing us to partake in his contest format. Please give your business to Rams Book Store, who without their support, this contest would not be possible.

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