Time to Hop Aboard the CSU Express(o)!

People get ready
There’s a train a comin’
You don’t need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear the diesel’s hummin’
You don’t need no ticket
You just thank the lord

– Curtis Mayfield

I’ve always loved college basketball.  If you know me, follow me on social media, read my blog, you know that.

You might be aware that I started writing about how I was all in on the Colorado State Men’s Basketball program in the Summer of 2019, when I was allowed to attend practices and see all of the newcomers.

The 2018-19 season had not been a good one from a record standpoint. There were signs of what could be with some players who came to CSU during the previous coaching regime alongside a pair of recruits who came to CSU along with new coach Niko Medved.

Those practices in the Summer of 2019 were eye-openers for me. I saw the spirit and leadership of the senior returners like Nico Carvacho, Kris Martin, and Hyron Edwards, the maturity of the rising sophomores Kendle Moore and Adam Thistlewood. And I saw for the first time, a highly touted recruiting class of freshmen that included Isaiah Stevens, David Roddy, John Tonje, and Dischon Thomas (James Moors had not reported because he was on international duty with New Zealand). Transfer PJ Byrd as well.

At that point, I declared myself “All In” on this team.

It wasn’t just the talent. It wasn’t just the physical presence. It was the soulful feeing I got from a team and a coaching staff that really struck me. A collection of individuals brought here because of qualities that make them great teammates. And a level of maturity well beyond their years.

The first season had its moments . Some games better than others. Not surprising considering the amount of inexperience. Not surprising because of the innate qualities of the team.

Its not there yet, but it is coming together in 2020-21.

Like a train leaving the station, slowly growing momentum. Having to slow down to make the occasional stop, then building back up to speed, climbing new heights, and rolling quickly and powerfully downhill.

Every hill steeper.

Every descent faster and more powerful!

This train has plenty of room for passengers.

You don’t need no ticket.

Just climb on-board!

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  1. Yep every recruiting class member seems to contribute within 2 years. And a big Why they can is because the Coaching Staff recognizes the talent when recruiting and then developing the talent upon arrival.

    This is NO revelation to you because of your access to the staff and team at practices. Glad to have you with them and maintaining the trust of the staff and players.

    It provides insight for us fans but outsiders. Thank you.

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