Rams Stay True to Their Principles in 72-62 QF Win Over Fresno State

If you read what I wrote the other day you might remember how I started off the article with a quote from Kendle Moore about staying true to who they are and being the Rams.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about the game itself because I wasn’t at the T&M which means I see and hear things just the way you do.

But I am going to comment on how well the Rams stayed true to who they are as a team.

And it comes in the form of simple Offensive and Defensive Efficiency metrics.

In MWC Conference games this season, the Rams averaged 1.09 points per possession on the offensive side of the ball. On the defensive side of the ball, they held their opponents to an average of .94 points per possession.

Tonight’s numbers against Fresno State you ask?

1.09 points per possession on offense.

.94 points per possession on defense.

Their exact season averages!

And when I brought it up with Coach Niko Medved after the game, he said, “We knew we were in for a fight.  Fresno has been playing very well. Our guys stayed true to their game. And finished strong. So yes, we were who we thought we were.”

Onward to the semi-final game tomorrow night with Utah State.


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  1. Good points Swol! I had the same feeling during the game–the Rams were just doing their Ram things, especially defensively.

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