2022 RamNation BOWL Pick’em Contest Sponsored by SCHEELS

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RamNation Pigskin Pick'em Contest sponsored by SCHEELSWelcome to the 2022 RamNation BOWL Pick’em Contest, presented by SCHEELS!

Reecie Dern makes it a no-doubter with a 4-0 Monday and takes home the RamNation Bowl Pick’em Championship!

1/3/23–Reecie Dern entered the final day of action with a one-game lead on the next-closest competitor. She proceeded to sweep the day going 4-0, benefitting from a wild Tulane comeback to beat (and cover) vs. USC) and a Mississippi State miracle cover that occurred as Illinois was running a final desperation pitch play that was fumbled and returned the other way for line-covering touchdown as time expired. She also correctly picked Penn State (pk) to cover vs. Utah and LSU (-6.5) to cover vs. Purdue.

Reecie finished the bowl season an astonishing 29-11-3 (71% winning percentage) and earns the $225 SCHEELS gift card and the title of 2022 RamNation Bowl Pick’em Champ. Congrats Reecie! (Email us at [email protected] to arrange collecting your prize.)

Despite going 1-3 in the final day, Eric Jeppson finished alone in second place at 25-15-3 (61.6%) and earns the $60 gift card to SCHEELS. Russell 80220, DRZRAM, and Rock n Ram all tied for third place at 24-16-3 (59.3%). So, official third place came down to the tiebreaker:

  • Russell 80220 predicted a total score tiebreaker of 54 total points in the LSU-Purdue game (actual total was 70, for a difference of 16)
  • DRZRAM predicted a total score tiebreaker of 55 total points in the UTSA-Troy game (actual total was 30, for a difference of 25)
  • Rock n Ram predicted a total score tiebreaker of 37 total points in the Air Force-Baylor game (actual total was 45, for a difference of 8)

Thus, Rock n Ram takes third place and the $20 SCHEELS gift card. (Again, winners, please email us at [email protected] to arrange collecting your prize.)

Chris Charters and Spencer Drahos were also right there at the end, but both managed just 1-3 records on the final day to fizzle out. 

Thanks to all of you for playing! We’d love for you all to support our sponsors who make this contest possible. SCHEELS is the premier sporting goods store in all of Northern Colorado, and has a great selection of CSU gear. Stay tuned for our SCHEELS Bracket Contest in March!


Our champ will win a $225 gift card to SCHEELS. Second place will earn $60 in SCHEELS gift cards and third place will earn $20. 

Thanks to our sponsor, SCHEELS, for their generous donation of prizes. Don’t forget to support them and all of our sponsors for what they do for RamNation.com and helping us stay up and running! 

Thanks to everyone for playing!

–Joel Cantalamessa (Good SHEPHERD)


Contest details/rules

  • Contestants will pick a point-spread winner in every bowl game.
  • Contestant’s should make their picks “against the spread”. For instance, if Baylor is favored by -6.5 vs. Air Force, and Baylor wins by more than 6.5 points, they win “against the spread.” If Baylor does not win by more than 6.5 points, then Air Force wins “against the spread,” even though they might lose the game.
  • 1st tiebreaker: In case of a tie at end of bowl season, the difference in tiebreaker game will be used as first tiebreaker (you will be able to pick the any game during bowl season and make a tiebreaker guess for that game)
    2nd tiebreaker: Total Strength of Victory (SoV) points at end of bowl season. Office Pool Stop calls “Strength of Victory”, or SoV. It simply takes the margin of victory/loss in every game, so if you picked the winning team, and they covered by 10, you would earn +10 SoV points. If they lost by 10 (under the point spread), you’d be -10 SoV points for that game. 
  • Entries are due prior to the first kickoff of bowl season! 
  • Please submit only one entry form per contestant.
  • You may edit your entries via the pool dashboard as long as it’s before the start of the first game of the contest that week. Your final entry is the one submitted last prior to the first kickoff. 
  • If a game is canceled/postponed, it will merely be omitted from the standings. 

Thanks and best of luck to everyone (except Buffaloes, Cowboys, and Falcons, of course!).

–Good SHEP