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Subject: Attn those of you who don't see the Image Upload button or are having issues....
Posted by: RamNation Staff on 03/25/2020 12:02PM

....posting images in your posts....please read the following. We realized this week, as many of you were having issues attaching images with your posts, that some of your are seeing the old posting interface. The old interface requires you to insert a URL link to an image (meaning it already had to be somewhere on the Internet). The newer interface allows you to much more easily attach an image from your computer or your mobile phone library.

If you do not see the image upload button below the posting window, you're using the old interface. This is because you've clicked a setting/button that causes the board software to switch to the old format. To fix this, go to the home page of any board and look for the "Show Post Box" link and click it. (See screenshot below.)

If you're having issues getting images to attach to posts on a mobile device, it's most likely because the photo is too large. So, when selecting an image from your photo library to attach in a post, click on your desired photo....then change the size of the image to attach. On iPhone, this is at the very bottom of the screen. Make sure to change from "Actual Size", as that will be too big. Typically any other size ("large", "medium", "small") will work. I'm not familiar with other phones, but I'm sure there's similar functionality.) Once you've changed the size, you can click Done.

If you have questions/issues, email us at staff@ramnation.com

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