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Subject: Senor Cerveza and Economicstats take the April Pedersen Post of the Month!
Posted by: RamNation Staff on 05/03/2021 06:01AM

For the first time since we began awarding Pedersen Post of the Month winners, we've named co-winners for a month! Senor Cerveza made a recent post imploring fans to mind what they say as players, coaches, and recruits may be reading, which we thought was very well said and a timely reminder. Economicstats also chimed in with his own thoughts in response and we thought both were great messages to our community to think twice before posting. There were numerous great responses in the thread that we enjoyed, and Ramdom has also been banging this drum for years (and probably deserves an award for his body of work in that regard!). But we wanted to make sure to reward Senor Cerveza and Economicstats for putting their good points into words and giving us all a gentle reminders. Click the link below to visit our Pedersen Post of the Month Page and read the thread.

Now, please note, we're not saying that only "sunshine pumping" is allowed. I am a journalist at heart, and I believe it is crucial to allow opposing viewpoints and criticisms. I also am probably overly lenient in allowing fans to vent, especially in the heat of the moment during/after a game. But criticisms are different from habitual negativity and personally attacking/degrading players, recruits, etc. (and to a lesser extent, coaches/administrators). I believe CSU needs all the Ram fans we can get, including the guys like RAMinHandWorth2inBush, sanfranramfan, and others who lean heavily towards the negative side. I remain hopeful that those guys will understand that their critiques are welcome. Berating CSU for the sake of constantly pointing out the 'bad' is detrimental to the site and not welcome. Soapbox over!

Thanks, Senor Cerveza and Economicstats, for your excellent contribution to the RamNation boards, and all of you who strive to contribute good content to the site! We will be sending you a prize for your efforts. Congratulations! (Please send us your latest email address to staff@ramnation.com so we can get your mailing address.) As for all of you other great fans on our boards every day, May's prize is up for grabs so give us a reason to crown you the "Pedersen Post of the Month" winner and receive your own prize!

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