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Dear Guests>> 2018 season crushed many Fainthearted RamNation posters

because they understand neither the:
A) "impact of Tear-down/Re-build projects" with anticipated long Building/Learning Curves for a marginally experienced team in D1A + mastering new scheme's as well.
B) "impact of multiple serious & unforeseeable Adversities" (CH's knee, OL/OC Coach unexpected departure, MB's sudden health incapacitation, the loss of 7 starters to injuries).

... on a Team that had been Winning at a clip of 7 to 8 games annually. Yet that approx 60% Win-rate was not acceptable for a great institution like CSU so our AD & Prez designed a long-term plan to get CSU into the MWC Championships with 10+ Wins annually. This plan's execution began in 2018, and it focused on "Fixing the Defense" to become equal in capability& consistency to the Rams 31st ranked Offense in all of D1a.

Please forgive our confidence-shaken base of semi-Fans as they try not to process the 2018 season rationally, but instead resort to their Emotional over-reactions of "Off with their heads" toward Coaches, Players, AD & Prez Frank.

These emotional responses to higher than rational expectations began with RN posters becoming Self-Entitled & SPOILED by the new Canvas Stadium & Facilities. Thus their 2018 expectations became vastly over-sized... especially in light of A & B above + a very tough schedule.

Please understand that CSU's AD + a small minority of Football-knowledgable Ram Fans fully understand the accomplishments of Mike Bobo @ CSU, and that the plan set in motion in Dec 2017 by Joe Parker, is going "as expected" -- a very tough 2018 season, yet showing several improvements in various Units/Players thru the year, yet ultimately inconsistent performances from game-to-game, resulting in a horrible losing 2018 record.

The improvement this team apprehends from the life lessons of overcoming 2018's Adversities, the significant playing Experiences gathered by 16+ Frosh/Soph's, & the learning curves within the new Scheme's introduced by new Coaches --- all of these bode well for a highly successful 2019 season.

Some Fans understand long-term plans that are wisely laid, even those involving some temporary sacrifices... and other Fans simply do not. Please look past the majority of RamNation who are in the later category. They are simply butt-hurt (disappointed) wilting-lilies (faint hearted) who, like Deputy Barney Fife, are fearful of almost everything & possess only the 1 bullet solution ("Fire them all").

Ram Football under Mike Bobo will be back come 2019, & then even better in 2020 (possibly winning the MWC) !! These were & are the REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS of CSU's PRez & AD, and many great Ram Fans.

Sincerely, Ramdom

(a concerned parent who's son started for CSU '03-'06, who himself played D1a Fball, and who's watched the melt-down of RamNation in 2018)

Link: my son as a Frosh sacking Joel Klatt in '03 RMS...

Posted: 12/05/2018 at 3:04PM


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