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Disagree that the product sucks.

I live in FC but this is the first hoops game I've been to in 3 seasons because the product that LE put out there - in my opinion - was not a compelling brand of basketball. Sure he won his fair share of games but I appreciate good coaching and don't particularly appreciate street-ball "offense".

Last night I saw a lot of issues but the guys played hard, actually ran something that seemed like an offense most of the time, and at least on the offensive side I saw coach adjust & tell the guys to drive to the rack instead of being intimidated by Ark's big guys. The first half we were very timid and settled for a lot of jump shots. In the second half we drove inside a lot more and usually either got a good look or drew a foul. Now if KM could hit a free thrown...

So ultimately what I saw was a team that did not have the talent or size to compete with Arkansas. It's not like the fb program where we have the talent to compete against every MW team but the coaching holds us back.

I saw young and/or new players showing flashes while struggling at times, I saw JD Paige step up and take control at times when those young/new guys were struggling. And I got a kick out of watching Dave Thorson on the bench - oldest guy on our bench by a long shot but probably the most enthusiastic too, and when he talked the players listened.

So I would agree that the product sucks IF Larry had left a ton of talent and Niko just wasn't coaching them up or if this were Year 4 or if the players gave up. Nobody said they enjoyed losing by 20+ pts. But expecting an immediate turnaround is moronic. Going to take a little time dude. Remember - Bobo inherited a 10-win team and in 4 years turned it into a 3-win team. Niko inherited a 21-loss squad - what the frig did you expect? A Sweet 16 run in his first year? Everything in his track record says he can recruit and he can coach. He also - unlike his predecessor - isn't going to be a jackhole to boosters & fans, nor is he going to disappear to California 90 seconds after the season ends.

Nobody wants your pity, least of all those of us living in FC.

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Posted: 12/06/2018 at 4:19PM


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