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A few points to think about....

1. Bobo literally apologized to fans in the stands for the play on the field after the FCS loss. And did so numerous times after. Does he need to rehash that anytime he speaks because fans have a short memory of it? I dont think so personally.

2. I cant remember an instance of Joe Parker blaming fans for the long lines and I have Googled all the communications and statements from that time and I dont see any blame of fans. Just the push that with new requirements, fans are going to have to adapt and there are many ways to do that.

3. Regarding blaming students for leaving. I dont recall seeing him blame them, though I do recall call (and for good reason) a lot of Ram fan ticket holders saying that it is BS and maybe he should start.

4. Regarding the promo video, that was about team accountability. Do we really need to be catered to so badly that the head coach is scrutinized for not talking about the fans when interviewed about his players and coaching staff? I mean the guy turned down a $100k raise he was entitled to. This promo video was about why he did that. Not about us.

5. They arent raising ticket prices this year, at least not that I have heard. So not sure where that comment is coming from.

6. I guess I will ask, how would you like them to "address the fans in the seats?". Every time they put out a statement, who do you think they are talking to?

I guess my point is, I think your post is a lot of perception after a long season, and perception becomes reality, but when you really go back and look at the details of what has been done and said, the perception is not necessarily the reality of the facts. Parker and Bobo are not the bubbly People People that Jack and McElwain were. But I think the perception that because they arent bubbly they must not care is really off base. That being said I have had conversation with Joe about how to change that perception and I think you are starting to see some of that come to fruition and will see more soon.

But I guess I dont consider my season tickets as a customer relationship like you do. I consider it a partnership. That is money I would be giving the university either way, but I prefer to give it to watch football, have an awesome football/multiuse facility, put student athletes through college, and mingle with great friends and Ram fans. The cost of the season tickets are a small price to pay for all that, IMO. Considering I spend as much on a lift ticket, or in some cases just for dinner. I dont need someone to kiss my ass and treat me as a customer that is never wrong and to feel some sense of entitlement. This isnt the Rockies or the Broncos that is making hundreds of millions. This is about my university. Yes, coaches and administrators get paid a lot, that is the nature of the business, but the atheltic dept doesnt make $. And the more they spend to have to give fans a warm and fuzzy, the less there is to put toward things that really matter. If I want the warm and fuzzy, I will go to Disneyland. I want to see my university be successful. I will tailgate with in the parameters of the spot I can afford. That is on me to make that happen. If I want to see kickoff, I will leave early enough to make sure I do that. If I want to be catered to, I will buy tickets in the suites that are catered. If I want to help my team win, I will try to make a difference as the 12th man. Giving me the warm and fuzzy is on me to make that happen. In fact I would rather the coach and AD spend more time on their jobs then catering to fans, bit unfortunately the catering has become too much of the job, IMO, that now it is just the expectation. To me, buying CSU football tickets isnt going to Best Buy to buy a flatscreen. It is a partnership in kids' futures, support of kids who exchange their God given talent at risk of injury to go to school that in most cases they wouldnt be able to afford, and bring additional excitment to my life and exposure to the school I love and love to enjoy. I do support the way the athletic department is headed. We have first class facilities for the first time in decades. We have record graduation rates. We have record financial support. We have record sponsorships. We got rid of an ass of a MBB coach. We finally have ticketing system that isnt a complete mess for everyone every year. We finally get to enjoy our campus again. Is everything perfect? No. If it was... Joe Parker and the rest of them would be at a university that paid them 6 times as much.... But guess what, even those universities arent flawless either. This is a big place. All we can do is communicate with the dept and help them help us. I know who Joe Parker hangs out with. Who his connections are in the athletic world. I think there is a lot of judging the book by its cover with him. And just based on our history of ADs over the years, Im not so sure the grass is greener on the other side. He is a pretty good person to be preaching for the green and gold. Perfect? Nope. Has he made mistakes? Yep. But keep in mind where we were. We have come one hell of a long way in pretty short order, considering.

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