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JPAD.....you are impressing JBAD......keep it up

and i will have to relinquish "therealAD" schtick, and go back to plain ole JOEYB like the 90s on this taco stand.

well done sir.....

I remembering sitting with 3Ram and some buddies at the old dinosaur saying...."i wonder when we will ever see CSU Football on campus....."

I wonder if CSU would ever play a SEC team in Fort Collins.....I wonder if CSU would ever schedule a team/program like Texas Tech or other middle of the road BigXii for home and homes.....

JoeyP.......you are doing a great job and great service to all of us season ticket holders and alum/Ram Club Denziens.....

I can say....as cheesy as I think it sounds....But....I AM PROUD TO BE A CSU RAM......that chant pissed me off to no end - but in my old age and being a decreped old man now....I embrace it.

these games at Canvas and AT P5 schools are BIG TIME, and love the scheduling philosophy......and the $$$$ associated with the games.

Ramnationers who attended our Ramnation Tailgate spot back in the day where Minnesota and CAL came to town and that was the biggest thing we ever saw.......Pabst Blue Ribbon shot gunning by Whammy was a highlight, and DOC's old FG posts......glitteratti would show up at tailgate.....Randy Stoltz, Natalie Meisler (RIP) and Gary O.....Jeff Hathaway giving 3Ram and Joey cigars.....Jack Graham showing up at tailgates.....and now look at us.....

on campus....SEC game won at home.......P5 conf games now on the docket, and we played Alabama 2 times.

and now the Michigan game in 2022.....

JoeyB is crying alittle......as NateDiggs calls me a pu$$y once again! LMGDFAO!!!! And Chorizo still yelling at me for not showing up to his tailgate in 2 seasons. OH Boy!

Ramnation.....and all you tools who stir the pot here with dumb ass posts.......you gotta be proud - keep stirring the pot - but you gotta be proud of the way the schedule is working itself out.

I just called Matt Lubick at Canvas Credit Union to see if he had change for a $100 and asked him about the CSU/Mich game.........he said "JoeyB....I've known you since the mid 90s.....here's your 5 twenties, now go get your shinebox and shine my effin' shoes"

LMGDFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GoodFellas - never gets old.

Posted: 01/11/2019 at 5:11PM


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