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What! RQ,80's,SFR,PB,RMex,Trout don't like their spankings from Ramdom?

I am shocked to hear they hate the Sheriffs of Mayberry... who constantly try to reign in their Barney Fife FUD (Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt). FUD that is shared @ the Knitting Circle, then publicly echoed on Ramblings ad nauseum .... FUD that is often wrong, but never in doubt. It's a job that somebody has to do w/ soooooo many Barney's running about town w/ high anxieties, Badge in hand, Emotions on sleeve, & Bullet in pocket.

Ramdom has warned the negative nancies to be thoughtful & logical in critical opinions... not ugly, emotional or spiteful toward OUR RAMS. So if you've been Spanked, you very likely deserve it. As do I from time to time (Shep is on me, and I absorb his wisdom).

Those who must take emotional Dumps in Public (such as those listed above + others who follow their 24/7 negative lead like Stalwart & Irish) deserve to be SPANKED for their foolish opinion-based criticisms. Criticisms that have zero basis in Experiential Knowledge or Professional Training or anything other than their own "Ignorant musings" + "misdirected Emotions" among the Knitting Circle.... stated & re-stated & echo'd by the most emotional of that sacred Knitting Circle of Aunt Bea's & Barney's & Floyd's & Otis's & Goober & Gomer's. And Sheriff Taylor has to try to deal with it all...... such an exhausting job!

Listen & THINK before Publicly posting criticisms of highly esteemed Players & Coaches, from the Peanut Gallery or from your Arm Chair. The spewings on the subject of the CULTURE of our MB lead team were PERFECT examples of Barney's who #1 know nothing of the inner workings of the team, #2 are self-appointed experts at leading 120 young men in a D1A Fball program. HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!

BTW -- the fact that these Negative Nancies have Run-Off such knowledgeable, helpful & great NEW posters as Red Dirt & EconStats... is enough to indict these "self-defeating" Dunderpates for being mean-spirited.

FINALLY: I think it is the Ultimate absurdity for Ram Fans to chose to go Public w/ silly total negative venting's 24x7. Bobo is a very wise HC as well as a very smart & very good man who's delivered much good-successes to CSU. And is about to deliver alot more goodness!!

Can't wait until 2019 & 2020!!! Go RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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