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So.... I've had the chance to speak with five different players...

... who were mostly in different spots on the football team. One was a starter. The rest were younger. Only one never saw any action. When I read about Bobo's "accountability plan" and also see the comments from the Clemson players after the game, it makes me a little bit sick to my stomach when I stare back at that absurd salary (Bobo should have taken ZERO if he was really taking responsibility). But what gets me is how the national champions talked about the closeness of the coaches, players, supporters. So of the five kids I spoke to over the past few months, all of them whispered under their breath about the lack of quality and respect towards the coaches - with a couple of areas being called out (I won't mention them or Shep will take the post down). So as somebody who does run a company, accountability is at the core of any good business. For Bobo to suddenly have an "aha" moment and decide to inject a new accountablity program just reeks of inexperience and naivete. It proves to me he doesn't really understand leadership if he's only figured out now how important accountability really is. And for Parker than yap to the Coloradoan in faux praise of the whole thing reminds me why I call him "Junior Joe". He doesn't understand the first thing about accountabiity and has proven it over and over in his actions with the basketball and football teams. If accountability was truly understood by these two - they'd voluntarily leave. Now obviously they won't do that because the amount of their paychecks is more important than true accountability. So we get this political b.s. and a $100k handback posturing - which also just proves again that they think the fan base is stupid. Sorry, I've run various businesses and fixed two very large businesses over the past twenty years. Accountability is not some soft issue where you do a little 'flavor of the month' activity. It's at the core of any successful enterprise. For these two jokers to lay this out like it's some epiphany makes me literally sick to my stomach. Now we're just not losing, we're getting a big plate of happy horsesh*t that we're supposed to eat along the way. I'm not buying any of it.

Posted: 01/12/2019 at 2:07PM


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