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The DH is evil and is a reflection of almost 40 years of NL mishandling

starting pitchers. When NL teams started paying bigger money for starting pitching with the advent of free agency in the early 70's, owners have treated pitchers like china dolls thinking that any off day work would potentially hurt the pitchers and cost them starts. Although pitchers weren't traditionally great hitters, they could hold their own at the plate and they'd take bp like everybody else. Free agency comes in and that went away for pitchers who essentially became less all around ballplayers and more specialists. Notice how most pitchers aren't even particularly good fielders anymore with blowing relatively easy throws to 1st on plays where they have to come off the mound to field a ball in play. Anything that might have a chance of putting a guy on the DL became verboten. The Braves of the 90's bucked this trend by having a 4 man rotation and those guys were solid if unspectacular hitters Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz all routinely hit .250 to .260ish with double digit RBI's during the Braves' run of 15 consecutive division titles. Remember those guys also won a slew of gold gloves as well during that run. What did they know that other teams didn't? It wasn't magic, they just treated the starting pitching staff like regular position guys. In a sports world where lesser teams copy what successful teams do you would think that this revolutionary "old school" thinking would have caught on. How much time did those Braves staffs lose to the DL in that time-a lot less than the rest of the NL.

Owners, regardless of the sport-in North America anyway-are under the delusion that fans want more and more offense. Scoring equals more interest and more entertainment. That's bunk. If that were remotely true for baseball then wouldn't AL teams have a huge or at least a sizable increase in attendance over NL teams because the DH supposedly generates more offense? All the DH does is keep aging veteran power hitters employed while denying opportunities to younger, cheaper players. I remember growing up in SoCal as an Angels fan when they signed a way over the hill Dave Parker as a DH. He was a bust hitting .220ish and occasionally hitting a monster homer. As SanFran would say-a poor return on investment. The vast of majority of DH's over the history of the designation (I wont deign to call it a position because it isn't. It's an abomination!) haven't generated the offense they were supposed to produced. Read Paul DiSclafani's excellent article from 6/30/2016, "The Case Against the Designated Hitter", where he lays out the AL ridiculous reasoning for having the DH and the excellent and iron clad rebuttal to that stupidity. I'm with Crash Davis; there ought to be a Constitutional Amendment outlawing Astroturf and designated hitter!

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