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Aren't the Democrats the party of equality and of women? Hypocrisy...

Democrat be thy name. Of course there's hypocrisy in both parties, but democrats seem to stick their collective foot in it waaaay more often than R's ever do. Their sanctimony always, always, always comes back to bite them in their collective asses. Believe the women, unless they accuse a D or a Lib. Believe the science, unless the science goes against you-unborn babies aren't people and feel no pain or global warming will radically change the world (NOT! Every claim Al Gore made in "An Inconvenient Truth" hasn't come even close to happening and yet Al and his lib friends still jet around the world on private planes! Hmmmmm!) Republicans are racists except for the fact it was Republicans that did all the heavy lifting in the 1964 Civil Rights Act (thank you Senator Everett Dirksen!) and Democrats were the party of the KKK (I'm looking at your moldering grave Robert "Grand Wizard" Byrd!). John Kerry was for the war before he was against it. Chuck Schumer was for the wall before he was against it. Barack Obama said the cops acted stupidly when they busted his friend Henry Louis Gates. Thanks for your sterling of law enforcement, Barry! Oh and btw, there wasn't a smidgen of corruption in his administration (hear Lois Lerner laughing? Hear the silence of dead Americans in Benghazi?) I'm sure there are lib posters that can come up with R or conservative examples but far fewer and their side. This is what their side has become-political beliefs straight out of 1984 and Animal Farm. I'm just waiting for someone on their side like AOC, aka Karla Marx, to some are more equal than others.

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