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Lot's of admirable goals. Sounds like someone has read/watched a lot of sci

fi. Some odd, side goals thrown in to clutter up otherwise good ideas. Sounds like a lot of raking. I honestly think the future of mankind is more like this vision then the current 19th/20th century model we continue to use now. This transformation would require a lot of "embracing" and "leaning in" together, which currently won't happen. Yes, the free market works, but sometimes in fits and starts. Like autos, for example. Another example is short term profiteering at the expense of long term sustainability-energy sectors. People in general don't think very long term. Selfish in all honesty. Single use plastic bags for example. Yes they're cheaper right now, but at what cost? Yes they're convenient, but it's like pulling teeth getting communities/people to just bring a couple re-usable bags with them into a store. Just yesterday, I was getting stuff before the snowpocalypse. I said, "nah, I don't need a bag, hadn't brought one, like I usually do into the store. Then I realized I could use one. The checker than went from using no bags, to putting one item into it's separate bag, I laughed, re-bagged back into one, they thought I was nuts.
Our society has some serious issue it needs to confront. Free markets won't always save the day. Over population by humans is one of the biggest issues of all. Water and food for the rising population is one of the biggest factors heading forward. The over population combined with other factors are leading the planet into another "mass" extinction cycle. There's so much we don't know, because we'd rather spend trillions of $$$ on weapons and killing each other over these silly religions, than researching space and our own planet. I'd guess most of the solutions are right here on Earth, but completely ignored by profits and convienence. I'm not against people making profits either. But at what cost? The "crisis" at the southern border really stems from greed, convienece and making a quicker buck. Mexico should be a bountiful, fully self sustaining region, yet it isn't for a myriad of reasons.
I'm not sure what the answers are. Besides people need to slow down having kids, especially since people live twice as long as thousands of years of historical averages. It's kinda sad when so many folks in our society thinks ideas are a joke, rather than seeing the issues at hand, just because they hardly effect them personally. Again, people being selfish, living in a bubble. I have water, I have food, a warm place to live with amenities. Why should I care if huge swaths of our world doesn't? No easy answers. Lot's of disturbing trends and problems. Thank god Trump assured us the other night, we will never be socialist...wtf was he getting at anyways? He's as selfish as they come...btw.

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