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Yeah, the unwilling to work statement is crazy..wtf? How does that get

anything solved. The world isn't ending in twelve tears. Where did you hear that? Global warming is happening...why? still debatable, but the fact is, it's happening. Why is having a no-pollution society, a bad idea? I understand reality and it's zero-sum, but why are so many just against this concept. Only want to continue down this 19thc. energy path of just burn it? I'm no utopian. I do think with overpopulation and resources that are finite we have to think ahead. maybe we don't? That's the selfish part of me. I'll only be around maybe 20-40 years, why the eff should I care what happens after I'm dead? So many concert's vision of the future is more of the same..coal burning, dam building. What's wrong with new ideas? The old one's got us here, which is ok, but a long way from we could have. We're deliberately holding humanity back, why? Short term profits? Lack of empathy for future generations of life on this planet? We get caught up in these trivial tribal, religious wars. They are really so pointless. Waste so many resources. I'm talking all sides here, not just christians or muslims. Mexicans or US citizens. So much wasted energy and effort to what end?

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Posted: 02/09/2019 at 12:42PM


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