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Pretty shallow look at it, if you ask me.

He agreed with Jack's vision, which is why he hired Jack in the first place. But didnt agree with the way in which Jack went about things to acheive that vision. After Jack was fired, Tony continued with that vision by going forward with getting the stadium approved, funded and built with-in budget, while hiring an AD with extensive ties to major P5 programs, hiring a new FB coach to replace McElwain in the same mold as McElwain (SEC coordinator with even stronger recruiting abilities). Which yes he approved the extension of because that particular HC had done something only one HC in the history of CSU had done, taken us to 3 consecutive bowl games, and done so while doing things the right way and raising the academic bar of the football program. Remember, Tony is an academic first. Yes, he approved the climate assessment, which was exactly the right thing to do to clean up a mess that probably should have happened years before but couldnt because of a contract that held us pretty hostage. A contract put in place to prevent us from becoming another stepping stone, because you cant build greatness as a stepping stone. Yes, he extended Joe Parker, because athletics is a business and CSU athletics has never been more financially successful than it is currently. Football is really the only team that is struggling, but financially it is in a great position and all teams/schools have up and down years. CSU was in a no win situation with Bobo. We will see what happens and make a change if needed. But the grass isnt always greener on the other side. It would be a mistake to assume that making a change at HC would suddenly make CSU exceptional at football. Rare exceptions is that the case. There is no guarantee coach knocking on our door. Nick Saban isnt walking in the door. It isnt that simple.
Finally, Tony is stepping down as President, but staying on as full-time Chancellor. He will still be very involved with the university President. It isnt like he is crawling under rock. He isnt passing off anything. He will be around to support CSU and help the new President of CSU guide CSU into the 2020s, just like he did for the last decade.
He deserves a ton of credit. He has accomplished amazing things at CSU. An awesome transformation of our university. That doesnt mean it isnt without hiccups. Every great rise comes with bumps in the road. And Tony will be the first to admit they were certainly there. But keep in mind, he is human. He isnt perfect. If he was, he would be leading an institution far superior than ours (and he has had his opportunities to do so, as a very highly soughtafter President). We were very lucky to have him and I look forward to the next university President building off of the exceptional job Tony did, to take us to the next level. CSU is invested in athletics. CSU has awesome athletic facilities. CSU has coaches that want to win. CSU has a willingness to play against top teams in the country. CSU has some of the best coaches in the conference. CSU has people that want to do things the right way. CSU isnt perfect and isnt invincible, and CSU has a budget they have to live with-in. But what you and some others want to "blame" Tony for, I'm pretty sure Tony has a lot of pride in being able to say he helped build because CSU athletics was an utter shit-show before Tony arrived and was willing to put his ass on the line to make sure CSU change how they viewed athletics. Also, keep in mind that the athletics department is literally 4% of the university's budget, and much less than the CSU network of universities which Tony is also in charge of. Which means that if Tony Frank spends more than about 1 to 2 hours of his entire week dealing with or even thinking about anything CSU Fort Collins athletics related, he is doing a dis-service to the rest of the $1+ Billion university and university network.

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