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I don’t think a wall will be effective.

I don’t think a wall will be effective. To you, that is the same as me saying that I’m ok with sexual assault of a vulnerable population?

Like this?:
“Drunk driving is a problem. You agree?”
“We need to make all beer 3.2%!”
“Won’t people just drink more of it?”
“Oh! So you are FOR thousands of people dying on the highways? You support rivers of blood in the street!?”
“Uh...say what now?”

Let me ask you: While I commend your deep concern for the personal physical safety of immigrants, do you think a wall solves that issue? Will a wall put coyotes out of business? Can’t immigrants be assaulted inside trucks/tunnels/boats/planes?

See, I’m getting tired of people posting data that is only barely related to their political aims. The number of opiate-based ODs in the US, in connection with arguments for a border wall? It is naked appeal to emotion that has almost completely nothing to do with construction of a barrier. The change that a barrier would make in drug deaths (and immigrant assault) is negligible. Those billions could be spent in much more cost effective ways, which we could discuss. But those measures are things that didn’t comprise a demagogue’s campaign promises (so there is no vocal political minority pining for them in the name of “winning”).

(In response to this post by RAM Texas)

Posted: 02/16/2019 at 9:50PM


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