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Re new AAC deal...could BYU to MWC re-energize & re-value the MWC?

I'm curious about Your'alls thoughts re some type of "BYU as a Cornerstone" to re-energize/re-build the MWC strategy??? We all know it takes Competition, Competition, & heated Rivalries (lots of hate) --- to Build great conferences. Since BYU's departure, seems alot of that heated Rivalry & hatred (focused on BYU mostly) has disappeared.

I'm no BYU fan, and know exactly what we'd be getting... a pain in the Butt program. Everybody knows BYU's Indy thing's not working well for them in Fball or MBB, & probably not working well for ESPN. So lets try to THINK as business neutral & objective as possible about whether the MWC-ESPN-BYU may be able to profit significantly by re-joining the MWC... creating a Win-Win-Win that could grow into a greater strategy down the road.

Not sure this is a Cure-All for the MWC vs. AAC, but it might be a "cornerstone move" to re-building the MWC Fball & MBB & minor sports to it's former levels??? I'm not sure if there's other reasonable opportunities to expand the MWC further... or if it's even necessary to add other schools. So I'd like to keep this discussion focused on using BYU as a Cornerstone/1st Move. And please, lets not discuss booting anybody like SJSU... it's impossible at this point + they do provide the MWC with access to a huge TV market.

Your thoughts??

Posted: 03/20/2019 at 3:22PM


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