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I've raised four kids to adulthood. I gave them all the same speech.

I paid my way through college, you get to do the same. I'll help when needed, but it ain't my degree, you need to do it on your own for the process to really matter. I recommended to each that they get a trade in order to pay for school. One was working on his P.A. but discovered that he was already making that kind of cash driving a truck trying to pay the bills. He's done with college and started his own trucking company. He's the oldest. One is still trying to get her associates or certificate, or whatever in radiology and is now conflicted because she's working at a bank making more than radiologist helpers make. She took that job to pay for school. One couldn't give a shit, loves working at the convenience store and is thinking about going to cosmetology school, (hey there's one in every family, I bet she comes out the richest.) and the fourth has found a very low paying and satisfying career as a soldier. His intent is to get his associates from the College of the Army and finish with the GI bill.

My point? College has become far less significant and far more overrated as it has become more expensive, and there are more options than society is trying to spoon feed you. You're not going to be a successful engineer without a solid degree, but if you don't want to be an engineer there are hundreds of options to become successful in life, with a solid income, without ponying up six figures to any university.

IMO, any kid that doesn't get his basics done at community college is missing the boat. Most community colleges in Colorado have an associates in business that is guaranteed to transfer to any four-year school in the state. If you can't see the value in that, you probably should look to something other than a business degree.

$49K per year better start out with a good six figure job or you just got snookered. Just my opinion.

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Posted: 04/08/2019 at 10:36PM


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