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There is not one thing better that can happen to CSU football than Bobo

getting 8+ wins this year. I'll take an 8 win coach on the way up over a new unknown any day of the week. However, it's unrealistic to ignore the challenges we're looking at in '19 and assume that 6-6 is a piece of cake. And while I'm not a fan of the Bobo bashers, I will admit that in year 5, Bobo has made his own bed.

That article made a very solid case based on statistics. Very solid and depressing. However, not much was given to intangibles. Typically, I try to keep intangibles as a very minor input but there are indeed extenuating circumstances. Staff changes, medical issues (coach and team), and a turnover year in depth that all matter.

I'm not sold by the article, although it was very well done, that we're toast. I'm also not going to argue with it. While you can claim that some factors were not taken into account, you cannot dispute that the issues they addressed were thoroughly addressed and it referenced the results of analysis very clearly.

I'm on the bandwagon with you ramdom. I do seriously believe we've got the pieces to rock the mtn. division this year and the sky's the limit after that. Potential however, only equals results with the right decisions and leadership. This is Bobo's make or break year to prove he can handle that. That's not a gauntlet I'm throwing down, that's just where things are. 2018 is a throw away. Just too may issues. Going back though, there were some 2017 victories that were very much coaching success. Yet Boise, AFA, and Marshall were all on coaching IMO. OK, I'll back off on Marshall as we didn't really have any coaches.

The point is, the article is absolutely not out of line. It didn't take into account a lot of intangibles but those are only part of the equation, and if the coaches don't actually overcome all of those intangibles then the article is spot on. If they really can change the culture in an offseason, then the authors dependance on statistics will look a little foolish, and based on some writing in the article I don't think he'd mind that. It did read to me as written by a RAM fan.

The short version is that I'm not a gambler, but if I were....no way in hell I'd put real money on the '19 RAMS but I still somehow believe I'd regret that decision when it's all said and done.

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