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How childish. Can't you discuss anything normally?

There is a reason your silly response didn't have any supporters.

I'll try to explain this to you one more time: leadership and positive change is actually a set of mechanisms. You can look up great educators on the issue of change like John Kotter (considered one of the all-time experts on change). You'll see what these mechanisms are and how they work. Bobo hasn't learn these mechanisms and doesn't possess them. He has indicated he is trying to introduce leadership as an emphasis, which proves he doesn't get it (leadership isn't just a series of rah-rah sessions). Thus, he lacks an understand of leadership and change. That's not good when we were 24-27 over the past four years and need to change. That was my post. You then attack my own personal understanding of the issue. It proves you are projecting again. Since you don't understand leadership, you attack me by telling me I don't. Again, that's projecting. You do it on here constantly. While I've never coached football - nor have you - I have led several companies including two turnaround efforts which required the use of Kotter's work. In the turnaround efforts - which I would argue CSU is in one - as the mechanisms were introduced, both companies turned around and thrived. Both were successfully sold. I believe our leadership helped.

And as for "massive experience" (I nearly spit my coffee up) in "D1a Fball & Leadership", I'm just going to suggest, Mr. Wichita, that a few years playing back in the 60's on a football team that played in what was essentially a JUCO conference and that literally went away, you don't possess such experience. You put a helmet on (that's obvious), but that doesn't make you an expert on the top level of college football nor on the subject of leadership.

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