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My opinion - buy games are for loser programs.

And Joe Parker is doing a lot of buy games lately.

I'd rather see home and homes, as he did for Tech, Oregon State, Vanderbilt, and P5 programs. His early scheduling was very good, but lately he seems to be interested in whoring out the program for dollars. He's got them lined up for 21, 22, and 24. Good for the bottom line and roadies - not so good for football team.

BohlNewEra may be on to something.

In any event it has little to do with my person being in attendance. I have better, and much more important, things to do with my time than travel to a college football game. I did that back in the day. Enjoyed it and now it's on to something different. Maybe I'll do it again someday when the family moves on to a new phase. Or, if she asks to go to a Ram road game at a stadium larger than Canvas, I'll take her.

BTW - we did the islands in 2018. Was awesome, thanks for asking. And February is for skiing. With some occasional Rams hoops in the Fort. The snow was phenomenal in 2019.

Life is good.

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