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It's called dishing & responding to Rivals with trash-talk...

Buttaloe & Poke Rivals who have the audacity to troll yer RN forum & "bag" or "diss" your Team or Brag on their own Team.... on Your alma mater's forum... this ought to offend intense Ram Fans. But not the faux-Ram-fan. It's just okie-dokie.

As for me making fun of other hyper Negative faux-Ram-Fans who are Alums... I never tell them to leave or shut-up. Just that they are "at times & in certain negative posts" delivering poison to the Public who read this board & have not the time to understand the context of them being FAINTHEARTED BUTT-HURT faux-Ram-fans.... guys like yourself who think that they can justify their negativity, weakness & inability to engage their Rivals, after 2018's down-season performance, when suffering the effects of 4 huge Adversities. There is a proper Board/Forum for you & them to fling poop, and it's not Ramblings.

Heck son, 2018 is the exact seasons that true brave-hearted fans Encourage themselves & each other, unite behind their team (especially when they are actually quite good & lead by good Men) & pull for them to make a turnaround. Even if you believe you know more than the HC & AD combined & believe they s/b fired for yer list of grievances. BTW, both of these Leaders are outstanding Men & Leaders of faaarrrrr greater substance & stature than you will ever be. So you may ought to give them your ear. I know... but yer butt hurts sooooo bad.

Now comes the >>>> Waaaaa- Waaaaa-Waaaaa... ramdom spanked me again!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

If you don't want to run w/ the Big Dogs, stay on the porch... little Peppito.

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Posted: 05/11/2019 at 4:32PM


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