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Great post... actually started before 2002, w/ RFans losing our moorings

which allowed us to lose our Humility as perennial Underdogs vs. BYU/UU/P5's , losing our sense of Gratefulness for each & every Win whether FCS, MWC, WAC or P5... becoming self-entitled to CSU's successes, and while paying little (as RFans) feeling like CSU owed "we Fans" a great deal of W's to boost our ego's... or at least we were owed FAAARRRR better accoutrements. Like Canvas, etc. Which JG & TF & CSU provided.

I fear that the RN has become it's spoiled-rotten, bratty little Sister (the Buttaloes)... where Fan-entitlement & stoopid behavior is the norm. At least those Buff fans sitting next to us @ RMS '17 knew they were to act Embarrased for their programs obvious need to plot the obvious Theft of that game.

Any way -- there was something sooooooo refreshing & cool about the Ram Fans 2001 innocence & their sense of WONDERMENT surrounding the Rams Fball (& MBB)!! it was a sense of "not sure we should expect to Win soooo much, but WOW it sure is cool that we do, when we do !" Meeting Shep & 60's & Schmitty & many others was like meeting a bunch of Kids outside the Candy Store they grew up having the privilege to visit as Kids... and still thrilled just to get to visit the store again, and get to see what surprises (great, good, r bad) lurked inside the wrappers.

Totally different from the "privileged expectations" I had come to abhor among my OU, Miami, FSU, UTenn & now UTx cultures I & my son grew up around.

My point is this. As a Fan-Base... I believe some good down-to-earth humble pie has been fed to the Rams since Sonny's peak, then Sonny's accidental re-peak due to BVP's spontaneity (which the entire Staff hated, yet enjoyed the benefits of, and eventually robbed BVP of by his Sr year)... which ended after 2002. Will CSU RamFans be willing to digest the Humble Pie we've been fed, and learn to again be Grateful for everything & count the blessings of the smallest greatness & Improvements shown??? (including a HC who is Good, Honest, Humble & Reverent toward the game he loves & knows inside/out) Or will RN continue down the path of "We deserve farrrrr better, faaarrrr sooner... Off with his head!" ???

Frankly, I believe that if Bobo & Medved make a huge Turnaround, the Ram Fans will only use it to feed the ugly beast that is "our Ram Egos"... and will learn nothing from all these LEAN YEARs for our Rams.

Here's the lesson >>> that the Rams turned things around IN-SPITE-OF-YOU during Sonny, during JMac, and during Bobo '19 thru whenever... not BECAUSE OF YOU!

And yet if the RN gets back on the Good-Foot CSU Sports can & will look and be a whole lot better... and a whole lot more FUN !!! Actually the purpose fo College Athletics -- FUN.

Stay Humble & be Grateful... ya bunch of undeserving, ingrates !!! :)

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