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I'm ignorant about the world of soccer,

I have to admit. I've been informed by a couple of folks here that the womens team generates more revenue than the mens team does. I'm willing to take the word of those more informed here that that is a true statement. Ive stated that if that is indeed the case, they should be compensated accordingly.
My initial inquiry about this was based off of a similar argument made in the past about the WNBA and the compensation of its players. Some of their players and advocates have said that they are unfairly compensated compared to their male counterparts in the NBA. Now, I'm sure many of the wnba players work just as hard at their sport as the men do, but it's not a question of work ethic, its a simple economic question that advocates of equal compensation for wnba players to their nba counterparts either fail to understand or fail to accept because of some misguided sociopolitical/gender equity ideology they may have. It would be like railing that all salespersons in a company should all be compesated equally regardless of sales numbers.

The womens national soccer team doesn't appear to suffer the same problems that womens basketball suffers from. Namely, they put out a product that is being bought into by the public at an equal or greater rate than their male counterparts. Good for them. Pay em.

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Posted: 07/08/2019 at 11:07AM


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