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I think we may have missed the "next step" window in terms of what

college football does next - I'm not sure we ever had a chance. The next inflection point seems to be 2023 when all the big network contracts expire. I think we will see monumental changes in the college football landscape at that time. The big streaming networks (Prime, Hulu, even Netflicks...maybe, maybe someone new) will compete for sporting events. I read a very interesting article that talked about football conferences becoming obsolete. The top programs will form a super conference, play each other, have their own playoff, leave the NCAA, become "semi-professional". I thought...no way, then I thought, I can see that happening.

That all might even be ok, it would leave all the G5, even a bunch of non qualifying P5 teams to start over with something better. The landscape of college football just isn't the same anymore, but the system tries to keep running it the old way, it won't last.

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Posted: 07/10/2019 at 5:29PM


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