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I know road rage.....road rage story

So I am leaving the old mans crib out on the left coast.

Got 9-7 surfboard hanging out the back of the Command Vehicle that I'm going to take to Central America via DIA.

Got the board tied town tight for the trip back to Colorado with a red flag hanging on the end.

I barely get out the neighborhood on to this winding road that is known for fatalities and accidents along the foothills. Picture some neighborhoods up in the hills and like orchards and sh*t down on the flatlands and you get the picture.

Come to a stop light......ease out of the stop light....and start climbing this hill....but I'm going the speed limit.

Dude behind me has a brown duelly.....and is like revving his engine and sh*t...trying to intimated me....f- that.....people die on this road...bicycles...cars....bad accidents...no place to get crazy.

Finally, there is suicide lane that opens up and dude floors it around me....then in California style immedietly slows down to try and p*ss me off....dude is like flipping me off in his rear view mirror and whatever....and like driving 20 MPH in a 40 MPH zone......then he turns maybe 1/4 of mile later into a neighborhood that dead ends in about a 1/2 mile up in the foothills.

So dude races around me...then turns into a neighborhood where the farthest he could probably go to his crib is like a 1/2 mile.

I get to western Wyoming and where this rancher lets me fish on his ranch.

I'm out rigging up by the river and he comes out of his temporary summer quarters to visit.

Now this is a crusty old soul and nobody's fool. Vietnam Vet...goes about 6-5 and two and half bills or more.

Picture John Wayne with a lot of gray hair smoking Swisher Sweets and you get the picture.

So I tell him the above story and then I say:

"Now Dick, why would a guy drive like that? Why would a guy drive like that on Sunday afternoon? Why would a guy drive like that when he sees the guy in front of him is hauling a surfboard with a red flag hanging off the end and he knows the guy is not going to get crazy on a dangerous road?"

So Dick says " Oh doesn't matter the day of the week."

So I say "OK forget the day of the week. Why does a guy drive like that?"

Dick says "Oh, that's easy. He was in a hurry to get home and find out who was getting his wife pregnant."


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