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Breaking down your list one-by-one.....

I don't think that items #2,3,5, and 6 will be significant general election policy debates. They're useful now for extremes on both sides to gin up their bases, but they aren't serious policy proposals. The busing thing was just an opportunity for Harris to score a shot on Biden. If she wins the nomination, she's not going to run on forced busing. Nor will anyone else. Reparations? No way. How would it even be implemented? How much? How long? for whom? It's not a real policy debate; it's just a litmus test for whether or not you think racial discrimination is still a problem in America. Green New Deal? Not a serious piece of legislation. An aspirational statement that we want clean industry, to slow Climate Change, and want everyone to have jobs, education, and healthcare. There are no specific policies in the bill to accomplish any of that. So again, it's just a litmus test, for whether you think climate change is real and requires govt action or not. Abolishing the EC? It'll take a Constitutional Amendment, which would take many years. Really not a Presidential plank.

I think a Medicare expansion will definitely be a 2020 general election issue, but as SS linked below, only 3 Dems want to abolish private insurance. I don't expect the Dem nominee to push for that, once nominated.

Decriminalization of the border? Yeah, probably not a winner for the Dems, but the wall and large scale family separation in poor conditions ain't a winner either.

But then you're ignoring all of the other major policy areas where majorities back the Dem positions over DT's: The Wall, repealing the tax cut, tariffs, abortion (maintaining Roe v Wade standard), climate change, election interference prevention...all are winning issues for Dems, that in my opinion will outweigh those on your list. Along with the general game-winner I'm hoping for - that Americans will simply have had enough of a narcissistic, lying, bigoted President who demeans the office and divides the country. It's the new normal, but it ain't normal. It doesn't have to be that way. We actually can go back to the previous level of decorum for the office. We'll still fight hard on all the issues, but without the infantile antics we've seen the last 3 years.

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