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Yep, CSU's BOLD gamble is all-in on Bobo...why can't Alums follow??

There's a reason Jack G had to encourage RN to BE BOLD. It's because most of RN posters are not Bold. RN fans are rather faint of heart.

So what do you say about complacent/fainthearted Fans... who see their Institution make an ALL-IN investment in CSU Fball w/ Bobo.... but who are afraid to invest too much personal emotions & ego in that Gamble and in the Rams, after getting hopes dashed soooo many times. Should these Alums and their eternal negativity be tolerated? Or should they be encouraged toward the obvious goal of going ALL-IN w/ their Alma Mater? Or should they be encouraged to find another Team to support?

Or should they be recognized for the lemmings that they are, following/supporting gladly only when times are good... but disappearing, whining, criticizing when the going gets tough (even after MB proved he can win 75% of games @ CSU thru '15 - '17 when able to pair his O's w/ a decent D).

How about Fans being non-complacent in our aggressive-support of your Alma Mater Institution's efforts... massive efforts to Execute a very wise Strategy? This is what I'm demanding from YOU personally, and every other Ram Fan & Alum!!

Match the Boldness of your Institution who is ALL-IN on Canvas, MB, and his "Fix-the-D" strategy.... and Niko Med, too.

Would that begin with having the intellectual curiosity & honesty to pursue the answers to "what has gone wrong & right since '15", and "try to understand how JP has chosen to fix it?"... given your Institution's Athletic budget & budgetary constraints??? Nahh,,, lets just take drive-by pot-shots & talk outta our butts about things we're not expert in.

Unfortunately, most of us are not capable of being intellectually honest enough, nor are we curious enough, nor smart enough to take the time to "plot out the Decision-tree" and most of the strategic ramifications likely to occur, along the various options of that tree.

CSU Alums have a choice that you make daily in Public... get behind your Institution's investments/Gambles to support them with wild non-complacency. Or leave your Institution alone, to make it work... in spite of it's emotionally insulated Alums.

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Posted: 08/10/2019 at 4:15PM


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