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He has washed some kids out and there will likely be more after this year

He and his staff expect a much higher level of intensity and dedication. Their practices are also much harder. Physically and mentally its taken a toll on many. Those who have bought in seem to fear it but love it. Those on the fence it remains to be seen and some have left over it. That is standard with a new coach at every school in the country. Will it pay off? You honestly never know until a coach has had 3 years. HCMM rebuilt them from a dumpster fire but was definitely softer and against hitting in practice and sometimes it felt as if it showed. The Buffs have more losses the last 5 years leading going into the 4th than I care to recall. We just were not disciplined and tough enough to withstand P5 football for 4 quarters. HCMT is hoping to change that. It likely will take a year or two and more of his own guys to supplement those he inherited but it is already evident that the kids see what is demanded of them and some are responding and others are off to greener pastures. You will face the same issue when Bobo leaves. Its just how coaching changes work. Especially if the new guy can recruit. They generally recruit over the old guy when you have been mediocre for so long.

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Posted: 08/11/2019 at 5:59PM


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