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I have said many times on this board...I dropped my NRA membership over 30

years ago when their mission departed from “Gun Safety” and hunting to flooding the nation with guns and more powerful firearms. Are hollow points appropriate for law enforcement? Yes. For the general public heck No! You realize the USA is less than 10% of the worlds population but has 40% of all guns in private hands. I grew up respecting the names of Colt, Remington and Smith and Wesson for their beauty, precision and craftsmanship. Today their cheap plastic products are sold from counters like toys at WalMart. Falling into the hands of thugs and purchased easily by lunatics killing hundreds of kids almost weekly. As Yakoff Smirnoff used to say,”What a country.” But then it was about our opportunities, love and self discipline. Today’s it is about selfishness, hate, ignoring the obvious and the almighty dollar epitomized by the President and the McConnells, Kennedys and Grahams in the Senate. Yes I got political and I believe you were “phishing for it.”

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Posted: 08/13/2019 at 09:41AM


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