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Assuming you didn't go to the game but

did see the camera shots of the west side played over and over and did not see the east side. There were probably close to 20K Huskers there out of 52500. It was a ton of Red but it did not feel like an away game at all. Especially when the fans poured onto the field with the flatirons in back and danced with the players after beating a P5 team ranked #25 34-31. I have some awesome video of that if you want me to link it showing both sides of the stadium before, during and after the game. I just don't hate another team more than my own and am always amazed with CSU fans and their hate for CU that eclipses commons sense or love for their own team and the same with some of the CU guys who hate on Nebraska that way. I think it clouds judgement. I love to beat Nebraska and think its very important for our team to keep playing teams like that OOC instead of the patsy schedules others in our conference play that include 3 non P5 teams each year for easy wins. We will likely lose plenty of OOC games coming up as the coming years have a minimum of 2 P5 teams each year OOC. And I am sure some of them will travel well and make a lot of noise in our stadium. I can live with it if it means I don't have to sit in a 3/4 empty stadium watching my team beat up on Western Illinois on a Saturday in a game that doesn't get anyone prepared for conference play.
It was a lot of red but it was a lot of fun from start to finish. Even when we were down 17-0 it was still a great game environment and good times.

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