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WRU is kind of funny to me

they have about as many O-lineman in the NFL as receivers. I'm not trying to be negative on the success of Higgins and Preston Williams etc I love the representation they bring.. But to have a couple touted receivers in the past 3 or 4 years and a 7th rounder hardly makes us WRU. YES, it's been a point of success, even given the fact the our offenses have not been good for a LONG time But I really want to know what coach is going to come here and create a real legit and effective passing attack that also has some balance. I get it, everyone wanted Alford to come in and be the genius and transform what we have into an "Exciting, innovative attack". Really though? How long would that take for a coach who has never ran a program? After one year I can imagine the posts on here. What I do know is this team has been getting blown of the LOS on both sides of the ball far too long. Losing because the other opponents are better and more talented is one thing...but being physically man handled is something I can't watch. I don't know who is expected to come into this losing program and at least make them competitive enough that they aren't losing to the Ball States of the football world. We didn't REALLY have a long list of proven candidates....so you you either go with someone who has a winning record and can at least take what they have put a game plan together ....or you go for a long build with someone who's going to need a couple years to learn how to be a head coach. Either way it's not going to meet most fan's expectations....

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