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MWC without Boise

CSU built a new stadium, SDSU is building a very nice new stadium, UNLV is in a potentially better situation with a new stadium, but mostly it seems hard to imagine it ever being close to full for college games, but still better.
Fresno is good again. Hawaii is looking at a new stadium. AFA steady as always. Wyoming has a great coach who is staying. This is not Boise State's old WAC where only Nevada could cause trouble for them in football. Their signature national win was 2007 Fiesta Bowl. That is an eternity in "what have you done for me lately" college football. They have no academics, no tv market, no potential. Their best game and season is behind them and it is never coming back. UCF did what they did a couple of times. So did Utah, Western Michigan captured similar national attention that one year. They win games in the MWC and cause some noise. That is their ceiling and they know it.
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