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CSU will be next and should be - CU cuts are a joke - we need to do more

The cu coaches "pay cut" is a joke. 10% for head coaches and 5% for the coaches under them. head coaches make more than a majority of CEOs of mid to large companies. Most CEOs of companies that have been affected by this financially have cut their pay 50% or less. Many are not taking pay to keep their people employed. CU maybe saved 20 scholarships at most with their actions. To me, compared to my 50% pay hit I took, and my neighbors loss of job, the CU coaches are out of touch.

When CSU does their pay cuts, they need to make them more meaningful, show that the coaches and etc are trying to make a difference and sharing in their support of school and community to help with the lack of $ coming into the system right now.

Colleges are going to take a big hit in their funding. Coaches should share the load. For that matter, professors need to be sharing the load as well. Most of them spouted off that the rich should not make as much money and share the wealth with those that don't. Well professors, time to put up and shut up. Their salaries a bit inflated to say the least. Even Dr. Shulman can't validate his salary at this point.

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Posted: 04/24/2020 at 10:43AM


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