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¿Is that really a Gap Yr then? ¿Isn't a Gap Yr usually spent traveling?

I know that's how the Aussies & Kiwi's use the terms, in the context of traveling. It's almost almost always a-yr-abroad for the kids from down under.

I've also heard it to describe a sabbatical, time volunteering or working abroad. Most commonly it involves some kind of travel though. I've yet to hear it just to change which school in-the-same state you are going to attend. However, leave it to kids in their late-teens to figure out a cool term to describe staying home & going to a Juco...haha. More power to 'em.

If I was your daughter, I'd keep all my options open. If late-July/early-Aug rolls around & CSU is still on-line, bail to Evergreen CC. She might have to scramble to pick-class last minute class at the Juco. On second thought, if things are the same as when we went to school, the penally for dropping classes before the start of classes is actually very nominal ¿No? She could register at both, Lakewood Jr College & Colo A&M. I think your issue w/getting deposits/early payments back would be more w/CSU. Then again, if there's only on-line classes in Ft Fun they'll have to give the dorm deposit back. Considering the whole CV-19 thing aren't they WAY more lenient w/any early-payments for academic costs, student fees, etc... early-payments?

Sounds like a crazy can o' worms & a real pain in the ass to do all the leg wrk to find-out, however it MIGHT be worth it, considering the stakes.

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