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Supposedly the State o' AK started opening Fri & Anchorage Mon, but...

....the only thing difference I noticed on my 11-mi round-trip run from Downtown to the SoSide to CostCo the following Wed, was one nail salon was open & not one parking space left in front of that shop.

This really throws me for a loop. Nail Salons in the FIRST ROUND???

#1 - It's a relatively intimate process,

#2 - how un-essential is getting your nails done? I don't remember the episode of Little House when Laura when for acrylic nails. BTW Ladies...I'm a sucker for a French Manicure. For Pete's sake though, my last hair cut was when I left for the NoShore of the Arctic Ocean in January. w/out a hat, I'm a dead ringer for the Heat Miser at the moment, yet I don't feel any great urge to get a hair cut. I will do it fairly quickly after they open, but it's not bother me not having it done. I can very easily keep my beard trimmed-up & my neck hair at bay all-by-myself just like a BIG Boy. How hard is it to do one's nails themselves? My untrained eye says it takes about as much skill as ironing a shirt ¿No?

I feel for the salon owners, ¿but in the 1st rnd of openings? ¿Why is something so close for two ppl & such a non-essential luxury? I feel the same way about massage parlors opening up, while its much harder to give yourself a massage, it's a very intimate act & a BIG luxury ¿No?

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Posted: 04/30/2020 at 3:43PM


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