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"All dead people are Democrats"

I remember from Jr.High days and the teacher telling us, when coming up with answers for True or False, that "every" and "always" are red flags. Does that ring a bell with you? Wait, "Does that always ring a bell with you, that one party is always right and one party is always wrong." That is what is so lame about arguments like these. One side makes an outrageous claim, so the other side feels compelled to make an equally outrageous claim. Voter turnout is bad, and our democracy is in bad shape. The two parties thrive off the discord - because they can always blame the other side for what is wrong, rather than take ANY responsibility. Makes it easy. And partisan hacks eat it up because it is wrapped in the entertainment of their news sources. The one thing Trump has done well is to sow further discord, create more confusion on Truth, and, now, get people riled up on voter fraud. Gee, what do you think he is doing there? Just maybe laying the groundwork for a claim the 2020 Presidential election was invalid? Is he still looking for those fraudulent votes Hillary got in KS and NC?

Seems pretty clear there was fraudulent voting in Illinois in 1960. Nixon's response? Disputing the election would do more damage to our Democracy than what it is worth to him to be President!!! Trump? Dispute it when you win, dispute it in advance, threaten the states that mail APPLICATIONS for absentee voting. And folks eat that stuff up and promote it.

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