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JoeyB in Altercation this AM in Windsor - King Soopers

My son has hockey practice at 6am at NoCO Ice Center in Windsor.....i drop him off at 5:45am at rink - then head over to King Soopers a few miles down the road.

It was my turn to bring donuts for the group of parents who hang and BS with each other in the parking lot as kids skate - nobody allowed in rink while kids skate for an hour.

Get to king soopers.....i had my mask in my shorts pocket - I literally walked into store - WITH NO MASK.....but as i walked in - i stopped and put it on. mind you....it's freeging 6am in the morning!

So....i am there as a "not eldery or senior citizen" but the freeging fresh donuts are right there inside the entry way on a rack......then i can head over to the self checkout - which is empty because all the elders are using a checkout line with a checker/bagger.

Anyhow......woman shouts at me from about 15 feet away - "your darn right you better put that mask on, and you are here illegally. LMGDFAO!!!!!

I said...in my Jersey schtick...."you tawkin' to me.....cuz if you are - you're barking up the wrong tree right now lady!" yes......i should have kept my mouth shut - but I'm JoeyB.....gotta get the last word in.

I start walking over to the self checkout - empty.....she followed me.....and said so a manager and a few other people could hear....."you really shouldn't threaten an old lady like that, I can have you arrested"

I looked at her - with my mask on - gave her a nod and said....."have a nice day ma'am"

that pissed her off......she kept looking at me, and gesturing to the manager...."you believe this....he is coming in here illegally and without a mask"

The manager looked at me - i looked at him - we did the "guy nod" --- he saw what was going on.......Crazy Karen Moment! LMGDFAO!!!!!

She told the manager - "are you going to let him get away with this?"

I should've kept quiet.....but couldn't again.....i pulled my mask down and said...."i got 10 hockey parents waiting or fresh donuts in a parking lot up the street......glazed donuts!"
and then...."God Bless America" and walked out.........LMGDFAO!!!!!!!!!!

Manager looked at me as i past him....rolled his eyes and said...."sorry for all this"....i just said "no problem....it is what it is" he nodded - and off i went.

ROTFMGDFAO!!!!! Joey Bag O Donuts in a Krazy Karen Altercation in Windsor freeging CO!

Donuts were freeging awesome......still warm.....impressed the parents in the parking lot....that is all that matters! LMFAO!!!!!!

Have a Great Weekend Denziens! Be Safe! Don't forget your Masks! bwahahahahahaha!

Posted: 05/29/2020 at 11:39AM


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