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You’re kidding me Shep once again this board has resulted to shoot first

ask questions later.

You can’t shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

There are plenty of OTHER forums for Neanderthals to post. This isn’t a left issue right issue. Return this board to its roots of a Sports Forum and Colorado State Forum.

I can continue to watch CBS, NBC and CNN if I choose and others can watch OAN and Fox to reinforce our prejudices and perspectives. Flaming on this site is seen as justification to behave inappropriately in our society. Again BLM is not and never has been a movement of hate and destruction. It was never anti patriotic. It is tragic when I as an adolescent came of age watching the nonviolent civil rights movement leaders were attacked and assassinated. As a white male I’ve never feared police. But as a teenager neighborhood friends Chuck Woodlee, Ray Salazar and Elmo Simmons and classmates Robin Sam, Barry Bailey, Chris Aranjo told me I didn’t understand. When I partied at CSU with Barry Sabas ( son of a Molokai police officer) and Freddie Anzures told me I didn’t understand. George Sonny Lovato when working in Ed Herschler’s office said I didn’t understand. Returning to Colorado Randy Reese and Jay Mendoza said I didn’t understand. In fact when Jay was helping a friend move at 9:30 am Christmas Eve he was briefly cuffed placed in a patrol car until the officers confirmed his actions by the Hispanic tenant getting out of a rental trying to get into their newly purchased home for the holidays.

You know what I DON’T understand and neither do most of the folks on this board DON’T and they sure as heck don’t know how to solve it. Especially when covert and blatant racism abounds. I contend the hundreds of far left or far right White rioters on the nations streets and television are practicing covert racism undermining legitimate peaceful protests.

When you suspended this board the same parties who flamed on this site prior brought it to Ramblings and I understand why you had hoped that restoring this site they would act in a mature fashion. Sadly they haven’t again they choose to shout Fire!

You can’t stop anarchy on the streets or on this board. You and the Monitors may continue to foster this. If you want to call me out here or podcasts do so, but I expect more maturity on the part of those who attended Colorado State University to recognize racism even if they can not be empathetic to minorities of race, gender, age that is so prevalent here.

Call me the pot calling the kettle I’m certain you review my comments you will find them to be in response to a 🔥flame with the exception when I announced my oldest and dearest friend was one of the first confirmed COVID19 victims in Colorado not lost to the common flu.

I’m sure they can find plenty of sites to foster their “entitled” hatred. They sure find plenty of ammunition elsewhere and bring it here.

Ed Maycumber the Negative Nancy, Willie Whiner, Entitled Karen who hates what this Board has become 75% of the posted comments on Ramnation has Nothing to do with Rams.
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