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Depends on how you feel about George Floyd's death.

This whole situation is not cut and dried though many wish it were.

For starters, many who felt sorrow and outrage took to the streets to express these powerful emotions. The vast majority did not loot and pillage. Some threw stuff at police, primarily water bottles and smoke/tear gas cannisters. Not a smart thing to do and it could get you arrested if you did.

Others let themselves be overcome by the emotion of the moment and responded to the force of the police with acts of violence against the police but didn't engage in looting. Some were arrested, not surprisingly.

Some showed up to take advantage of the opportunity to loot and get free stuff. Stupid and selfish behavior and anybody caught doing this could face pretty serious charges if caught, rightfully. I doubt if barely any of this group actually took part in doing any protesting at all because they want to stay as far away from the police as possible.

Then there are the professional agitators. Unfortunately there are extreme groups, both far right and far left, in this country that for various reasons are committed to this type of behavior. Some do it because they believe in the cause and some do it for cash. I'm sure some do it for both reasons. These pros are very dangerous as they are usually among the first folks who engage in violent acts. This has a tendency to entice others to do these acts. Most pros escape when things get really nasty. Some of the pure protest group can get caught up in this and do things they normally would not do. They may be easily influenced or whatever.

In other words, it's a bit complicated. Those who want to over simplify these things are doing so for their own ends or are just too lazy to think it through or too tied to their own narrative to see other sides.

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Posted: 06/02/2020 at 4:48PM


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