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You "understand" it perfectly, which is why you loaded your post with bias

I guess I don't understand this whole riot thing

Question: Did the officer arrest and put his knee on his throat because he was black?

Answer: We don't have to ask ourselves this question anymore. The data suggests that police officers and the wider criminal justice system takes a more aggressive approach toward black men than it does toward other minorities. Simple research will help you understand it. For example, according to the database at MappingPoliceViolence.org, you are 3X more likely to be killed by a police officer if you are black. You can choose to pretend that you don't see it, but I'm guessing you know that inherent bias is a thing. Similar data exists for other elements of the criminal justice system, such as sentencing.

Question: why would all these people riot, cause destruction and loot, when appropriate actions were taken?

Answer: The vast majority of the protestors are peaceful. There was one across the street from my condo (outside DC) today. There is a lot of evidence that suggests that other groups, such have anarchists have used this as a moment to pursue their own agenda, as they have in other situations.

But let's assume that some people with peaceful intent eventually got violent. I would submit that there are 2-3 reasons:

1. All prior evidence suggests that society would've completely forgotten about this latest shooting without the protests/riots. They forgot and moved on every previous time. Do you honestly think we would be talking about this now w/o a riot?

White America has also shown hostility to peaceful protest in the recent past. See Colin Kaepernick.

2. "Appropriate actions" will only be taken if this man and his compatriots are convicted, and more importantly, if that becomes the standard result in future killings. According to data from Bowling Green University, less than 1.5% of officers involved in shootings from 2005-2014 were convicted of any wrongdoing. I have included an interesting article on this subject if you're interested.

3. A riot has captured your attention in a way that other peaceful protests have not, has it not? I think rioting is stupid, but it serves a purpose. The cynicism on this board toward protestors shows exactly why people would resort to rioting.

I have some questions for you: Have you tried to put yourself in the shoes of a black male before you opine about this? Maybe that exercise would help answer your questions.

Do you acknowledge that people do have an inherent bias, which might cause them to perceive threat from one population versus another?

Have you considered that the massive amount of guns in America might play a role in the police needing to resort to an overly aggressive posture?

These are all questions.

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Link: prosecution is tough in these cases

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