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Oooo oooo, let me take a shot at this! I LOVE religion.

Somewhere in this thread, I believe B&G said that Catholics don't get to pick and choose their faith. But that's the best part about religion because that's exactly what you get to do. Look at Pope Frank, he's a politician, quickly ending certain Dogmas when they don't jive with acceptable political norms anymore.

The Bible is a wonderful document, no matter what you believe you can find passages that justify it. and then you have to completely ignore huge swaths of it, too. Let's talk Leviticus, shall we? You don't really think Jonah lived in the whale do you? Oh, I suppose it was a "great fish."

Religion is the earliest form of social control, it established norms around which humans organized themselves when they had no facts. Continuing to believe in a bronze age diety - against all evidence - shows how much these institutions stunt human progress rather than encourage it.

Tell me something, are there Neanderthals in heaven? We know they existed, wouldn't it be unfair to cast them to hell? How about all the millions of humans who were never exposed to Christianity before it was a thing? How about people who practiced Zoroastrianism? Is it just a tough break, they are in hell for eternity.

Now imagine a world where humans accepted and knew that we have no idea what the truth is, and that we have one planet upon which to live. It might help us tackle some of our problems, rather than kill each other over whose God commands the clouds.

Once again, I'll let George Carlin speak for all of us.

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