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One of the most stupid and ill informed posts I have seen.

Over the years we have learned some things. One is this whole issue of white flight and why it occurs and how to prevent it Municipaities are much smarter now in how to manage their zoning issues. For example, in the days of white flight municipalities built large tracts of high rise apartments for public housing usually under the guise of "urban renewal". Wide swaths of run down houses, small factories and businesses were razed to build these monstrosities. It was devastating to the folks that lived there and any that even came close to having the means to "escape" did so. The mistake that was made was to build the high rise housing in one large tract. This produced an instant ghetto. Enlightened municipalites outside of the core metropolis with the benefit of hindsight saw what happened and swore to avoid this fate by using zoning and other measures to not build block after block of high rise buildings expressly designed for low income folks. They dispersed accomodations for lower income folks throughout their communities and striclty controlled the number and "look and feel" of such housing. I live in an upper middle class suburb south of Denver. There are Black families in our immediate area and I have no idea what their economic situations are but I am confident that some bought their home with federal or local government help, and if they did I don't care. And no high rise apartment can be built near where I live because of zoning laws and even if such laws did not exist I highly doubt if any developer would come in and buy up all the homes in my develpopment to put up high rise low cost housing. They'd lose thier shirt. But there is ample land available (but bing developed rather quickly) and some it is set aside for "rational" low cost housing but not in large tracts, again, none of which I have a problem with. On the other hand there are certainly a few municiplaites that don't manage this situation well.

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Posted: 07/30/2020 at 4:09PM


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