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Thank you KUSA - nbc local for airing Trump Town Hall at 8 an hour later.

Remarkable difference in posture and attention by the candidates attention to the audience questions and civility when moderator challenged or asked the candidate to clarify.

I definitely approved the abc staging of the room in arena seating for social distancing better and directors split and switch screen focus of the candidate and citizen faces so you could see the unspoken feedback. This appeared to be the same venue Stephanopoulos and Trump use last month townhall. My bride and I found the lady over Trumps left shoulder vigorously shaking her head in agreement with Trump all night distracting? Really came off coached. Don’t understand the purpose of the considerably larger audience in Miami if not able to ask questions on nbc?

I did find it interesting the gentleman who asked the question of Biden didn’t Trump deserve credit for his foreign policy success in the Middle East and intent to have troops out of Afghanistan? Biden did acknowledge the agreements reached with Israel and the 2 non bordering Arab nations were important. However Afghanistan currently today has more US troops stationed then the end of Obama’s term. NATO alliances are in shambles. Our leader is laughed at in the UN and historic allies don’t trust us and dictators have more influence than our intelligence agencies? My wife noted that the questioning gentleman’s exit of the building prior to end of the Biden townhall?

To be honest that is the first time my wife has watched and tolerated Trump for a full hour in 4 years? I watched the cacophony in Cleveland on my own after the first 10 minutes of Trump’s boorish behavior. Last night she wished to view Samantha Guthrie, I would say Trump was slightly more respectful to Ms.Guthrie than he was to Chris Wallace?

Again if those watching both programs uninterrupted and are honest with themselves Trump is a boor and though more deliberate Biden was better prepared and more coherent. I would much rather watch a game have a beer with Joe. I’d value his opinion on the RPO vs Pro Set in College football because he comes off willing to listen to my opinion. I would be stuck listening the whole time listening to Trump knows nothing about about QB and single handily brought back College football while whipping the China Virus. Fortunately he doesn’t drink so I can drink myself in a stupor but the Donald would hog all the chips, dips and subs.

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