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GET THE EFF UP!!!! ITs GAMEDAY!!! 2020 has Begun! GET da EFFFF UP!!

Be Patient…..I have a lot to say and have had nothing but 10 months to think of this first Gameday Post of 2020!!! Head to the bathroom, make sure you have toilet paper and enjoy your morning Dookie, Dump….Crapper Session, Office Session, Dropping the Kid off at the Pond……or whatever you cawl it.

Here we go….2020! October 29th….Fresno freeging State….button down da hatches…..RAMS gonna go Wild….like Girls Gone Wild, but not as tittle-izing. LMGDFAO!!!!!
I just went outside – frozen heaters covering the landscape….gotta get to cleaning up the field after this snow melts.

Just threw my mask on as I type this – don’t want to get anyone sick…..i truly hope you and your families are all healthy and getting thru this – crazy times…..not as crazy as College Daze – but crazy enough.

Crazy Enough for 2020 – we’ve seen SwollCracker pics from hospital/surgery room with a hip replacement, shoulder surgery and recovery and here’s hoping Ram_Buck’s gout has cleared up and gone away.

Is it not only crazy the first game at home was cancelled? Freeging pissed me off, I even went thru my bottom dresser drawer and convinced myself that the tshirt I wore to CSU home games in 1999 still fit!

“ahh…it’s not too tight!” LMGDFAO!!!!!!! Just shrank in the dryer! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
God Bless All the Fire Fighters in Colorado and that were flown in from other regions that fought the fires, and continue to mop up – THANK YOU!

Craziness…..i’ll tell ya what’s crazy….Chorizo rebuilds his Traeger – can now smoke meats again for gamedays…..guy is like the dude at Grease Monkey putting on the crooked drain plugs and faking like he’s changing the oil, and then smiles at you and still charges you $59.99. ROTFLMGDFAO!!!! Chorizo….we love ya man…! Can’t wait to get to a tailgate. 2021.

Then we got my boy Good Shep…..freeging guy hasn’t had anymore kids this offseason – so we’ve nipped that in the bud…..pun intended…..now he’s working on generating income from Draft Kings to send his posse of kids to CSU. LMGDFAO!!!!! Shep – if you ever invite me back to your podcast – I swear I will only talk about CSU Athletics and not Tangz, Wash Bar, Dorm Life, etc. Craziness! LMFAO!!!!!!

Now onto the infamous ThreeRamNight – tough 2020 he’s had, but he’s comin’ round…..he’s bought so many guitars and pedals, he is the new Eddie Van Halen, LMFAO! CRAZY!!! It’s been rumored that 3Ram can not only play Eruption, eat 5 edibles at once, but he can grill/smoke meats while playing the 6 string at the same time……America’s Got Talent, next stop…..and yes….Mel B from the Spice Girls is still hot! LMGDFAO!!!!

Ok…now onto QEARS…..the dude’s had a rough go at it during this pandemic – in fact, he texted me the other day that his Under Armor shorts he bought back in April are now standing by themselves in his closet. LMGDFAO!!! Crazy odor coming from the corner of his room……the wife said…..”you gonna throw them in the wash or wear’em for the 99th day in a row!” It’s been rumored that he’s finished the internet! LMGDFAO!!!!

And now…..for the crème de la crème …….our boy NATEDiggs in Washington DC…..are you freeging kidding me – crazy mother effer went and knocked up Ms. New Jersey, had a 2nd kid, got a new smoker, a new digital thermometer and new Acura SUV……are you effing kidding me Nate! Playing hide the cannoli with a broad from Jersey only means one thing……..you better get snipped soon! LMGDFAO!!! Jersey broads are nuts…..once they know you can afford to have more than 2 kids, they’ll buy you a subscription to Pornhub and then start walking around the house dressed as cheerleaders or Victoria’s Secret Models or better yet, they’ll dress like they’re going to a BonJovi Concert at the Meadowlands in 1988. LMGDFAO!!!!!
Congrats to our boy Nathan…..has a beautiful son and a beautiful healthy daughter now…..look out Nate….Shep may introduce your daughter to his youngest son – only a few years apart….RamNation Romance in the works? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

To my boy Whammy……too close to the fires to be comfortable – but glad you are ok there in SW Larimer County! Close call……the guy is so crazy, during the fires and pandemic, he went from a 6 pak to a 12 pak….dude is shredded like it’s 1994 and he’s gonna hit Wash Bar basement with a Frankie Goes to Hollywood oversized tshirt. LMGDFAO!!!!!!!!!

Who else can I go after….oh…..RamMaster…..dude has been so silent towards me during the pandemic, that he doesn’t even answer his cell when in his new Benz – when “JoeyBtherealAD” comes up on his display, he tells the girlfriend…..”hey, can you stop for a second and press the do not answer button……thanks, now continue!”
I even waived to him once in his office as I drove my cart by one day…..nada nunca nothin……dude is too busy for the little guy! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ElDiablo…..been quiet, only saw him in the line at Fuzzy’s Tacos to pay $100 for a gallon of Margs…..only problem was….he was buying 5 gallons……1 him, 1 for the wife, and 3 for his freezer. LMGDFAO!!! Dude’s barstool has been empty since the pandemic hit, wishing him good fortune on the CSU Hoops season……I think he has a new Escalade EXT too…..but check me on that – I thought I saw one behind me in Windsor, CO a few months back, hot broad driving, and some bald dude riding shotgun on his phone making a deal. Bwahahahahahahahaahahaha! I know where my kid is trick or treating this weekend!

Awesome to see Tweeter, Buns, Dubya, and the GDB posse around still, and to all of you old school Ramnationers still around – Love You all – and yes….WashParkRam (Newport!) LOL!!!!

Well…don’t know what to expect with the team tonight, I really don’t – wish we had that first game under our belt……kinda like I wish I had Belladonna under the belt before hitting Corbett Hall in 1993 – ya know – get alittle comfortable in game day situations before hitting the halls.
The Valley can be a tough place to play no crowd, still tough I would imagine – Addazio breaks his cherry tonight in the West – hope he makes the right adjustments. Game is basically a pick’em…. CSU -1.5 on the road…….if I were Shep, and betting the oldest kid’s tuition fund on this game, well, I’d stay away, but if I had to…….

Fresno St 33 CSU 31

Good to be back Ramnationers……missed you all, and miss gameday’s in person just as much. I wish you all health, and a happy holiday season upon us, and yes…..a new Ram Football Season…….

If only IBleedGreen read this far down……I’d buy him a new Willie Taylor #45 Jersey…..dude…..lets go! At least break out an Adam Wade jersey now! LMAO!!!!!!!! And yes….i know…it “shrunk” in the dryer!
Enjoy Game Night – be safe…


Posted: 10/29/2020 at 10:09AM


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