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Yes it has. But I think it's even harder for a lot of other people.

Workers who have been laid off.
Business owners who are losing their life's savings.
First responders and medical workers.
Parents of school age kids, especially single parents.
People who are infected by those who feel this is all a hoax.

My family has been doing fine. My grown children are all working andit looks as if they will continue to do so. I'm retired and we live off of social security, two small pensions from prior jobs and we have been prudent with our savings and 401(k) and basically only have to draw down the MRD's.. We have paid off our mortgage and our house is worth more than $650k than we paid for it (we'll probably move into a small condo next year).. We are simply being inconvenienced by not being able to go to our favorite restaurants or to see a movie. No big deal really. The only thing we worry about is being exposed to the virus which we are very careful about. Finally, we are all in good health and good shape and we intend to keep it that way hence we will get the vaccine ASAP..

(In response to this post by Newport)

Posted: 11/19/2020 at 3:06PM


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