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Sam Harris is an effective foil to the Radical Right much like

Jordan Peterson is an effective foil to the Radical Left. Their Vancouver and Dublin debates are worth seeking out, if for nothing more than providing a template on how two people with differing views can debate in goodwill, void of insults and mockery.

I agree with Sam on some points he made in the podcast. The rhetoric being propagated by Trump and his allies is a clear danger as I do believe it threatens the legitimacy of our institutions and could lead to further violence.

Where he loses me a bit is where he draws a distinction between "thinking and knowing". He seemingly minimizes the Left (he cites AOC specifically?) "thinking" half the country is racist because it is only "thinking" and not "knowing". I believe that is a dangerous path to take. Trump "knowing" he lost the election is the clear and present danger now. The Left "thinking" half the country is racist will be the distant, but very real, danger 4 years from now. If we solve the Trump problem but disregard the other, it will do nothing but widen the already strong divide that brought Trump into power in the first place. If we disregard fixing the entire house it will be at our own peril as I'm confident Trump fully intends to be running again in 4 years' time. A mulligan is fine, but if a softening of sides doesn't happen, this circus will only be on hiatus for a short period of time before the jack-in-the-box music starts again.

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Posted: 11/20/2020 at 8:24PM


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